Prices of Garage Doors in South Africa

Garage doors made in all forms and materials are very much in demand in South Africa these days. As trends develop and change over time, so do the garage door look and feel. You have to also keep in mind that as things develop, the prices must also go up a little (or a lot) in order for the manufacturers of these garage doors to keep making money and not lose money. In South Africa you will find a lot of different manufacturers of quality garage doors, especially in Gauteng where the demand for them is the highest than anywhere else in the country.

Prices of garage doors vary from supplier to supplier and they are also dependant on a lot of factors such as the quality of the material they’re made from and how well they sell. It seems that garage doors that are made of fibre glass come cheaper than most. You can even find a fibre glass garage door that will cost you less than a thousand rand. This is of course excluding the cost of installation and any extra’s you may want such as automation etc.

If you prefer an aluminium garage door you will pay a little more but there are also more advantages to having an aluminium door. They are sturdier than fibre glass but not much heavier. They will also last longer. The garage doors that come at quite high prices or even very high prices are the ones that are made of good quality wood or steel. The problem with wooden garage doors is that they are very hard to maintain and their good looks don’t really last long. Steel doors last very long but then on the other hand, they don’t look as good as wooden doors and they are very heavy, which means they will be a little difficult to operate, especially if they’re not automated. When you are looking for a good garage door, keep all the above factors in mind and also keep in mind what will suit your house or office the best before making a decision on which garage door to buy.


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